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Co-hosts Jacob Fridman and Joshua Groysberg are two members of Generation Z who attended the same high school. 


"In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we committed ourselves to a common goal of viewing the chaotic world that we live in through the eyes of our own generation. With every new episode, we are dedicated to helping members of our generation make sense of the political and civil environment that we will soon inherit as our responsibility. Our weekly episodes contain key stories with the occasional interview. With such interviews, we hope to represent the broad political spectrum to provide our listeners with a full 360-degree view of American politics." - Joshua Groysberg

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Jacob Fridman is the founder and manager of @peoplesbignews, a social media-based news outlet geared towards educating his peers about the U.S. government.


Joshua Groysberg is a former co-captain of his high school's mock trial team and a history fanatic, particularly regarding World War II.

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